Friday, 14 February 2014


Considering the fact that our lips have the thinnest skin on our bodies and have the least natural moisture, they don’t always get the right care and attention they deserve.

Care doesn’t mean the rigorous rubbing of lip balm during dry weather or a quick dash of lipstick for the ladies as you rush out the door in the morning. Like it or not, care of the lips should be part of your skincare  regime.  So here are some handy tips for your ‘lip care’ regime:

• Moisturise your lips daily with a good lip balm that is free of Menthol and Camphor as these tend to dry out the lips

• To get rid of dry, dead skin on the lips, rub in some Petroleum Jelly or lip balm and then gently brush the lips with a soft tooth brush or a damp flannel

• The lips are prone to sunburn so use a lip balm that contains sunscreen

• For quick hydration for overly dry lips, gently rub in the contents of a pierced Vitamin E capsule on the lips

• For the ladies, avoid using lip sealants as they contain a lot of chemicals. They also dry the lips and are not suitable for sensitive skin

• To treat stained lips, regularly rub the lips with Olive Oil. This also helps to keep them moisturised

• If you’ve got cracks at the corners of your lips, you may be Vitamin B deficient. Try eating so more whole grain food, red meat and green veggies

• A finally those tiny lines around the edge of the lips that show up when a ladies lipstick ‘bleeds’! The main culprit for this is smoking. If you do smoke, try to cut down or get help to actually quit. Line your lips and use a less glossy lipstick that won’t ‘bleed’. Keep your lips hydrated as stated above.

Take care of your lips and have a lovely Valentine’s Day!!

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